Fall wedding projects

Good morning from a sea of envelopes! I am deep in the midst of more than a few calligraphy projects for fall weddings. Right now, I've got boatloads of wedding invitations (that all need to go out NOW!) and in several more weeks, I'm sure the wedding decor and escort cards will start ramping up. I thought last summer was busy, but I had not experienced volume like I have now! I'm just about to wrap up the first job of seven I have to complete over the next four weeks, with a small vacation thrown in there for good measure -- going to be traveling to New England and not working the whole week of June 30 -  July 7 for my own sister's wedding!

Here's a glance at my work space yesterday. I will have lots of new fonts and styles and projects to share in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

custom wedding calligraphy


New font

Hey, blog-o-sphere! I've been working on a new font, something looser, more fun and funky. Here's a snapshot. I really like it, and think it's a nice alternative to the traditional ornate calligraphy style. Might be nice for a more casual affair, don't you think?


More to come... lots of new ideas, new projects, and new clients popping into my life daily, so me thinks I'll be sharing a LOT of projects here this summer.


Lots of weddings

I'm wrapping up one wedding job this week, and am receiving more inquiries about upcoming summer and fall weddings every day! Keep 'em coming!

I'll be posting some new styles I'm working on later this week... stay tuned! Here's a look at the latest wedding invite style I'm wrapping up. Traditional, elegant... pretty nice!

calligraphy for wedding invitation


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I'm starting to line up jobs to fill out the month of June and beyond. I'll have more pics and posts to share soon! I also started a Facebook page, so please take a sec and like me there if you haven't already!