Gold calligraphy table numbers

More from the New Year's Eve wedding, for which I did all day-of calligraphy materials: gold table numbers, hand-painted with some awesome Finetec gold that just came in the mail. So yummy!


Wedding envelope calligraphy

A dear old friend of mine is getting married in New Orleans this spring and one of the wedding gifts I'm giving to her is wedding invitation envelope addressing! Here's a peek:


Calligraphy seating chart

Merry almost Christmas, friends!
So, last weekend was brutal. Lots and lots of calligraphy, very little actual weekend-ing. BUT! It was all be worth it, because I now have a good chunk of time off to spend with friends and family, and eat/drink/relax to my heart's content. I'll take it!

Here's a big ole seating chart I did for a rehearsal dinner next week. The wedding is New Year's Eve. More to come from this one, since I did ALL the day-of materials! (See above, i.e. working all weekend...)
calligraphy seating chart


More holiday card fun

This year's holiday card haul has started to arrive, and I was so happy to see some of my own work in one friend's card! I created this custom calligraphy sign for a family friend's photo shoot and it showed up on their holiday cards. Hooray! Happy holidays!
calligraphy holiday card


Calligraphy holiday cards!

This year, for the first time ever, I designed and inscribed my own calligraphy on our holiday cards! The whole concept and all artwork, from start to finish, was my own. Even the return address stamp (see this post for more on stamps!) was one I designed and created.
Here's a peek!
holiday card calligraphy

holiday card calligraphy design


Custom calligraphy address stamps!

A couple weeks ago, I managed to get my act together and create custom calligraphy address stamps for several family members (and a new one for me and my husband!). They make the perfect holiday gift!
custom calligraphy address stamp


Letterpress calligraphy wedding invitation

Good gracious, I am in love. This letterpress wedding invitation with calligraphy and design by yours truly, tugged at my heart strings with its pale silver ink, delicate letterpress impressions, and thick, luxe paper with sophisticated rounded corners. Check out these beauts!
letterpress calligraphy wedding invitation suite

letterpress calligraphy wedding invitation suite

letterpress calligraphy wedding invitation suite


Wedding calligraphy

I worked with the sweetest bride this fall on a few wedding day calligraphy projects: I did calligraphy for and designed her ceremony program and also lettered a chalkboard-style menu. Photographs of the finished products below!

calligraphy wedding menu

calligraphy wedding program


Live Arts concession menu board

Charlottesville locals! Next time you're seeing a show at Live Arts theatre, check out their new concession menu board, penned by yours truly!


Calligraphy from Our Local Commons v2

I FINALLY got a copy of Our Local Commons, volume 2, and peeped my very own calligraphy in PRINT! So cool, I tell ya. I was honored to pen the menu for the incomparable BBQ Exchange's spread. Check out the pics below!
calligraphy menu