Gold calligraphy place cards

Check out there gold calligraphy place cards, shot by the incomparable Jen Fariello. This shoot was so fun to work on!


Killer wedding video + calligraphy projects

Check out this BEAUTIFUL wedding video, featuring some amazing calligraphy projects I worked on in late May. The whole thing is just lovely -- but if you want to see my calligraphy, start around 1:56. Check out the hanging panels of fabric with calligraphy quotes, massive welcome board, food signs... SO fun!


Gold wedding calligraphy

Last week's calligraphy was all gold, all the time. Gold and I have a love-hate relationship. I LOVE the results, but I hate the finicky gold particles in the ink that don't always flow off the nib smoothly...  Let's focus on the results, shall we?


WeddingWire.com feature!

Hey y'all, I know you probably already saw my post about this, BUT on the off chance you did not, here it is again! My work is featured in the WeddingWire.com Summer Book! Check it out. You'll be sorry if you don't.


Wedding menu in calligraphy

Another wedding, another menu needed! This one was fun and simple. Check it out!


Awesome wedding welcome signs

The super-creative bride I worked with back in May had me do some super-awesome wedding welcome signs to usher in her guests on the big day. Photo attached!

wedding welcome signs


Calligraphy seating chart on mirror

You guys, this project was a beast. At first, it may not seem so difficult, but look closer. The mirror I used to create this custom calligraphy seating chart is taller than I am (more than 5 feet tall). It's about 4 feet wide. There were almost 120 names that had to be inscribed on the mirror. This mirror is extremely delicate, so moving it was an issue throughout the project. It took several hours to complete, as well as several layout option changes when I realized I was going to run out of room, and not a centimeter to spare. Also, I think I developed tendinitis in my arms from this one. ALL WORTH IT!! Check out my progress and finished seating chart below.
custom calligraphy wedding seating chart
custom calligraphy wedding seating chart


Wedding place cards

A recent bride that I worked with had some crazy-awesome, creative ideas for how to incorporate calligraphy into her wedding. There were huge panels of fabric that I painted quotes on, a six-foot-tall welcome sign, and this--lovely, personalized table names, which referenced local attractions and features.


Feature in Wedding Wire's Summer Book!

I'm thrilled to share Wedding Wire's Summer Book, featuring a dope spread of all sorts of good stuff, including calligraphy by yours truly, awesome food by The BBQ Exchange, photography by Stephanie Yonce, styling by Amore Events by Cody, and MORE... all at the beautiful Keswick Vineyards! Check it out here: Wedding Wire Summer Book