Wedding menu board with roses

I had a very specific request to add some roses to a wedding menu board I created recently. I was intimidated, but I think they turned out well! Just simple line drawings, but it's a nice addition to the wedding menu board.


Wedding vows for an anniversary present

This week I worked on hand-lettering the wedding vows of a client for her and her husband as a gift on their anniversary. It was a challenge, but I'm really happy with how they turned out! I used touches of purple calligraphy--their wedding color--to emphasize specific phrases.


First Corinthians escort cards

I shared a trial run of these little darlings a few weeks ago. Here's the finished product: 160 escort cards with various phrases from the 1 Corinthians bible verse (Love is patient, love is kind...)
Also a few fun bride and groom signs... Enjoy!
custom calligraphy escort cards

custom calligraphy escort cards

custom calligraphy escort cards


Calligraphy invitation suite

So, this month has been bananas. I've been so busy that I've neglected the ole' blog a bit... but I'm back, with exciting projects to share: my first custom calligraphy wedding invitation suite! Boom!
This is for a photo shoot I will be part of this coming weekend... the photos from that will be available in August, when they'll be published in Wedding Planner magazine. Needless to say, I am So. PUMPED!
More photos of the pieces I'm creating for the photo shoot to come... until then, here's some fun calligraphy and wedding invitation action!
custom calligraphy wedding invitation suite


Spot calligraphy

Today I'm working on spot calligraphy for a wedding invitation suite that will be part of a very exciting project. Can't wait to tell you about it. Until then, here's some of today's work!
calligraphy wedding invitation bride