Beautiful Charlottesville wedding

I worked with Mallory Joyce to complete the wedding calligraphy for this beautiful Charlottesville wedding last weekend. The details were gorgeous!


Memorial Day wedding in Charlottesville

Happy Memorial Day weekend! One year ago at this time, I had the privilege of working with a Memorial Day bride who had the most creative vision for her Charlottesville wedding. I helped bring some really cool, beautiful calligraphy elements to life. Check 'em out below! Photography by Jen Fariello Photography, styling by Mallory Joyce Design.


Colossians calligraphy

Last year, I had such a wonderful time designing and inscribing the wedding day calligraphy for a New Year's Eve couple. Recently, a cousin of the bride contacted me about inscribing the verse that he read at their wedding in the same script and style. Here's how it turned out!


Boudoir photo shoot calligraphy

Whipped up these little cards for a last-minute boudoir photo shoot that my work will be part of... more on that to come!


Spot calligraphy

I've been doing a lot of design lately, which means lots and lots of spot calligraphy... I'll share the finished product of this job soon!


Calligraphy for bachelorette party invites

I had fun matching the cool mint ink on these bachelorette party invitations with the calligraphy ink!


Gold calligraphy menus

An April bride wanted gold gold gold for her wedding-day calligraphy. I happily obliged! Pics of her custom-designed calligraphy menu and all wedding signage below.


Charlottesville spring wedding calligraphy

Spring is in the air, and weddings are in full swing! This past weekend a sweet bride had a perfect day for an outdoor vineyard wedding in Charlottesville. I made her program and menu boards, and can't wait to see how the day turned out!