Fun wedding calligraphy

A dear friend of mine, who got hitched six weeks ago, just posted her photographer's wedding album from her big day. This included my fun white calligraphy on teal envelopes, as well as the custom stamp I created for her and her hubby. Loving the high-quality photos! Much better than the ole' iPhone I usually use...
wedding calligraphy teal white

fun wedding calligraphy

fun wedding calligraphy custom stamp

custom calligraphy stamp
All photo credit: John Robinson.


Holiday wedding calligraphy

Had a spur-of-the-moment holiday wedding calligraphy order come in yesterday, so I got to use the deep red I've got mixed up on some lovely, thick envelopes. Check it out!
holiday calligraphy


Baby shower calligraphy

Had a fun time trying out Spencerian-style calligraphy for this baby shower game board. I also did small note cards that would be used to write memories of and advice for the new mom. All pieces were created in dark grey calligraphy using gouache.


Wedding calligraphy for program

Completed this beautiful wedding program in calligraphy for a late fall wedding. The dark purple ink is hard to detect, but it was beautiful...


Custom calligraphy monogram and wedding song lyrics board

This was a fun one -- I got to create a custom calligraphy monogram to go atop a first dance wedding song lyrics, also done in my calligraphy. Check out the multiple stages below...
custom calligraphy monogram

custom calligraphy wedding first dance lyrics

custom calligraphy wedding first dance lyrics