Bridal shower calligraphy

A simple way to class up any party is with cute calligraphy signage, amiright? I worked on some simple calligraphy signs for a client's bridal shower, and I just love how this one turned out. Enjoy!
bridal shower calligraphy


Classic wedding calligraphy

This month's big project came from a lovely couple who wanted classic black and white calligraphy on their inner and outer envelopes of their wedding invitations. I was happy to oblige. Check out the results below!
classic wedding calligraphy

classic wedding calligraphy script


Custom calligraphy wedding menu

Last week I worked on a beautiful custom calligraphy menu for a wedding reception. My wedding caterer, the phenomenal BBQ Exchange, provided the food, so it was a challenge not to drool all over the piece as I was creating it. Check out pics!
custom calligraphy wedding menu
custom calligraphy wedding menu
custom calligraphy wedding menu
Custom calligraphy menu on display at the wedding this weekend.


1st Corinthians calligraphy

A client recently asked me to create some beautiful and unique place cards in calligraphy for her son's wedding. The idea is to have parts of the First Corinthians verse broken up at each place setting, and each table's seats will contain the whole verse (when all the place cards are read aloud).

I love this idea.

I love the doilies. I love the navy blue ink. I even love the verse!

Check out the calligraphy samples I created to share with the bride...
wedding calligraphy first corinthians


Custom calligraphy personal stationary

SO EXCITED to unveil my first custom calligraphy personal stationary, which is letterpressed and complete! Shots of the finished artwork were shared on the ole blog back in January, and now shots of the final stationary, live and in color, are below!

Thanks to Stubborn Press for the beautiful letterpressing!
custom calligraphy personal stationary


Special wedding calligraphy

A friend of a friend (who's also a client) sent me the most beautiful poem a few weeks ago that she wanted me to inscribe in calligraphy. This poem, written by her husband's grandmother, is called "My Heart Has Wings," and it describes in gorgeous prose how the grandmother's love for her husband flies through the night and over distances and it's always present, between their two hearts, even when they are apart. The poem was written when the grandmother's husband went off to war in 1943.

If that isn't beautiful and emotional enough, the grandmother read this amazing poem at said friend and her husband's wedding last year. Now, grandma is preparing to move out of her house and into a retirement community, and I got to inscribe this absolutely heartfelt, touching, amazing poem, for the new husband and wife to commemorate and cherish forever.

By far one of my favorite and most personal projects ever.
special wedding poem calligraphy


More calligraphy for retirement party

Here are a few more shots from this weekend's retirement party I threw for my mom. Lots of fun!
retirement party calligraphy

retirement party calligraphy

retirement party calligraphy

retirement party calligraphy

retirement party calligraphy


Calligraphy for a retirement party

Y'all, my mom has been teaching for 42 years. FORTY-TWO YEARS, I TELL YOU! Her retirement is now upon us, thank goodness, and we're throwing a big party for her. Here's one of the custom calligraphy signs I made for the celebration. It's huge. You can see my little feet at the bottom for an idea of the scale...

More of my calligraphy in photos to come after the party this weekend!
calligraphy retirement