Special wedding calligraphy

A friend of a friend (who's also a client) sent me the most beautiful poem a few weeks ago that she wanted me to inscribe in calligraphy. This poem, written by her husband's grandmother, is called "My Heart Has Wings," and it describes in gorgeous prose how the grandmother's love for her husband flies through the night and over distances and it's always present, between their two hearts, even when they are apart. The poem was written when the grandmother's husband went off to war in 1943.

If that isn't beautiful and emotional enough, the grandmother read this amazing poem at said friend and her husband's wedding last year. Now, grandma is preparing to move out of her house and into a retirement community, and I got to inscribe this absolutely heartfelt, touching, amazing poem, for the new husband and wife to commemorate and cherish forever.

By far one of my favorite and most personal projects ever.
special wedding poem calligraphy

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