More custom lettering

I created these small signs for a client who needed to use them at a trade show. I worked on this client's wedding invitations this summer, and now she's sending lots of business my way... gotta love that!
These signs were created using gold ink on a nice matte brown paper. We wanted to use Kraft paper initially, but the gold ink was too light and we needed a darker paper for more contrast. How do you think they turned out?

custom calligraphy


More wedding decor

I wanted to share more of the decorative items I created for my wedding back in October. One of my favorite custom items were the old window frames that I borrowed from a friend and used to display the seating chart. I also used one frame for a large thank you note to our guests. All the frames were displayed together on the lawn where we had the cocktail hour.
Here are some photos from the wedding...

All photos courtesy Rob Garland Photography.


Custom, hand-lettered logo ideas

A friend asked me to come up with some custom logo design ideas for his software and marketing company. He wanted something soft, artsy, and feminine. We are working on refining the below sketches and he will eventually be able to create business cards, stationary, a website, a whole brand using the final logo. Pretty cool little project, if I do say so myself. (Pardon the terrible lighting... I must get better at taking better photos of my work!)


New work coming soon

I have a couple of calligraphy and hand-lettering projects in the hopper, so new work will be coming soon to this very blog! Stay tuned. And, if I haven't said this already, I will very willingly accept any referrals and project inquiries that come my way.

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Here's one of the signs I created for my wedding in October - all the luscious flavors of cupcakes we had. I'm salivating just reading this... (Photo courtesy Rob Garland.)


Hand-lettered script

This is not calligraphy, per se, but a more simple hand-lettered script I can do. Much like my own handwriting. Good if you like that kind of thing. :)


Custom lettering on window frames

For my wedding two weeks ago (!), I wrote my guests' names on old window frames to display the seating chart. Here's the finished product. I thought they turned out really well!
More work from my wedding and other projects to come soon!


The golden ticket

Here's some of the gold lettering I did for a client earlier this year. This hand-lettering style and ink turned out really well -- the gold ink was delicate and lovely, especially with the gold and pink detailed Kraft paper invites that were inside the envelopes!


More large works

Apologies for being M.I.A. for the last month... I've been wrapping up final details for my wedding next weekend (!) and very busy with that! Haven't been doing much calligraphy beyond that for my own wedding (which I will share after the big day), but here is a couple of the larger calligraphy pieces I created for my client who was married at the end of September. Enjoy!


More place cards

Another sample of place cards for which I did the calligraphy. The client attached the gingham bows and stamped them all with the little cow stamp. Cute, huh?


Custom place cards

Custom place cards! They turned out really cute... these are photos from the client after mounting and finishing the cards on which I did calligraphy for her.


Large lettering

Another large custom lettered piece I did for a September wedding. 




One of the large reception decor pieces I just finished working on for a calligraphy client who is getting married at the end of September.

I did 10 large quotes on Kraft paper, which will be framed at her reception. Quite fun and different from the smaller and more detailed envelope and place card work. She gave me a lot of creative freedom, too, which was great.