Custom, hand-lettered logo ideas

A friend asked me to come up with some custom logo design ideas for his software and marketing company. He wanted something soft, artsy, and feminine. We are working on refining the below sketches and he will eventually be able to create business cards, stationary, a website, a whole brand using the final logo. Pretty cool little project, if I do say so myself. (Pardon the terrible lighting... I must get better at taking better photos of my work!)


  1. This is great. I need the best software for designing my plastic business cards. Which one is the best?

  2. Hi Sweet Fairy - I work only on the creative side and don't have much knowledge of the software programs that will be used to turn the logo into a vector file for business cards. Once I get to that point in the process with the client I'm working on logos for, I can share what I learn, but right now I am a novice to this process. Sorry I can't be of more help!