Calligraphy wedding signs

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign!

calligraphy wedding signs
Works in progress

calligraphy wedding signs
Finished calligraphy wedding welcome sign!


New website and other calligraphy and non-calligraphy announcements!

Hi folks!
So sorry for being silent over here for the last month... things have been busy with a few projects:

  1. A new website for Joie de Vivre Calligraphy! Check it out here. I hope you love it! I am super-proud of how it turned out, and I only needed minimal help from outside sources to get it into the shape I wanted!
  2. I took a few weeks off work during June/July due to some pretty severe nausea, vomiting, and exhaustion... because I'm growing another human inside of me! It's true, I'm pregnant, due in February 2016. It was wonderful to take a short breather from my work to allow my body to get through the first trimester, and I am not safely in trimester two, and my energy (and appetite) are now back with a vengeance! (Check out the announcement I made on social media about my pregnancy.)
Thanks for your patience during a brief period of silence here at Joie de Vivre!