Hand-lettered bar menu -- on a mirror!

Another cool project that was part of the Mount Ida photo shoot was transforming an eight-foot mirror into a bar menu with my hand-lettering! Not the best shot -- I'll have better ones to share soon!
hand lettered bar menu wedding


  1. Wow, beautiful job! I am a calligrapher as well and was curious: what sort of pen/marker did you use, was it permanent or wipe-off-able, and how did you get your lines straight? These mirror projects are cool but a bit tricky...

  2. I used a water-based Sharpie paint pen. It will come off with lots of elbow grease and Windex (or a razor, to scrape it off). I really like the Sharpie paint pens for projects like this. To keep lines straight, I do a lot of measuring. I mark on each side as I go down by section (one section might be 1.5" or 2") and then use a yard stick as a guideline for the first couple lines I write. Once you have your first lines, you can use those as guidelines for staying straight. You can also use small dots across the base of your measurement marker as guidelines that you either write over or erase when you're done. Hope that helps!